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Spotlight Series: The Refugee Crisis and the Re-Bordering of Europe


The European Union was meant to dissolve borders and lead to regional integration but there seems to be a reversal underway in today’s Europe. Border controls, border barriers and even border walls are going up all over Europe. Where is this happening and why? This talk provides an overview of the different ways that Europe is “re-bordering” today after experimenting with transnational integration and open borders. It will discuss the different factors behind the rise of ethnic nationalism, anti-immigrant parties and the call to reestablish borders across Europe. It will highlight the role that the Syrian refugee crisis had in catalyzing this re-bordering and how this has transformed the political landscape in Europe today. The talk featuring Dr. Steve Niva will draw upon research and experience living and teaching in Europe during the past year. This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited - please RSVP at the event website.